Turf Tour

With the goal of developing young horses and advancing riders, the Turf Tour is a 13-week show series and a unique addition to Wellington’s growing winter circuit, offering riders top-tier competition, over $400,000 in prize money, and an unparalleled atmosphere. The ‘show when you like,’ open-ended schedule offers convenience and a more distilled competitive environment, without sacrificing the challenge and competition found at nationally recognized shows. Organized by Olympic show jumper Nona Garson, George D’Ambrosio, and Craig Bergman, the vision that inspired the tour’s conception was bringing back the old world flair to jumper classes by staging competitions on springy, natural turf surfaces away from the chaotic intensity of other show grounds. Running every Wednesday and Friday during the winter season, the Turf Tour offers classes ranging from junior and amateur jumpers to the Grand Prix, and in a variety of venues reminiscent of the large European tours.

The Turf Tour’s competitive, utopian show atmosphere is matched only by its hospitality, which includes free breakfast and lunch for all competitors, spectators, and owners, riders lounges, competitor parties, and an equine shuttle organized through Meadowbrook Horse Transport. For only $75, riders can schedule pick up and drop off at the Turf Tour’s weekly venue, as well as a trip back to their farm anywhere in Wellington after their rides. Hosted by The Ridge at Wellington, the Turf Tour also includes two National and International Hunter Derby Days, which feature the elegance and grace of performance hunters. By removing the hassle of transport and offering numerous perks in addition to prize money, competition, and a unique atmosphere, the Turf Tour is setting a new standard for show experiences in Wellington.